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Our carpet manufacturers include Beaulieu, Coronet, Holleytex, Kraus, Royalty and Shawmark.    We also offer professional design and installation services and a complete range of underlayments and related installation materials.


Beaulieu of America
Beaulieu of America offers residential carpet brands including Bliss by Beaulieu™, Hollytex®, Beaulieu® and Coronet®.  Commercial brands include BOLYU® Contract, Cambridge® Commercial, Aqua Hospitality Carpets™ and Nexterra® – a modular tile backing containing 85% post-consumer recycled content.  In 2008, Beaulieu unveiled its Healthy Home™ collection featuring its very own Silver Release™ anti-bacterial technology under the newly minted Bliss by Beaulieu™ brand.

To make Healthy Home, Beaulieu annually recycles approximately 1.6 billion plastic bottles diverted from landfills to make its P.E.T. continuous filament polyester fiber. Healthy Home, as well as all other Bliss carpets, also carries the Green Label certification for indoor air quality by the Carpet and Rug Institute.  Bliss Healthy Home™ is the only carpet in the world to contain Silver Release™ anti-bacterial protection that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

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ShawMark Anything Goes! The extraordinary carpet with the beauty that's proven to last now has recycled content and is cradle-to-cradle recyclable! Cradle-to-cradle technology means that a product can be turned back into that product over and over again. So Anything Goes! Green, of Anso Crush Resister nylon - Anso's premium performance fiber - is 100% recyclable back into more carpet. The process takes place at our Evergreen Recycling facility in Augusta, Georgia, and keeps 100 million pounds of carpet out of landfills each year.

Anything Goes! Green offers a wide array of appealing looks, so you know immediately that green and stylish definitely go together. There are friezes, textured saxonies, patterned cut / uncut, patterned loop, and multi-colors - gorgeous carpets that set the stage beautifully in each of your rooms.

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